Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Goat is Born

CLOUDY is his name... and cute is his game!!!

Our youngest goat Dot is the proud mother. This is our first goat born. He is so cute. He is only 8" tall. He is definately love at first sight.


melissa and nathan said...

Very cute, but that girl is beautiful!

Teri Wadman said...

cute. I have never seen a baby goat before..I din't know they were born with horns.

Kengie said...

I want one! Hope your family is doing well. I can't believe your baby is one already.

Hight Family said...

Hey Jodi, Just found your blog! Cute family!!! I wanna come up ans see the goats, the kids would love that. Maybe I'll stop by the shop one of these days to say hi!! Miss you!


That Darn said...

What a cute little goat - what do you feed your goats? I love reading childrens stories about goats. Kids (no pun intended :) ) love them too.

Your daughter is so beautiful.