Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Goat is Born

CLOUDY is his name... and cute is his game!!!

Our youngest goat Dot is the proud mother. This is our first goat born. He is so cute. He is only 8" tall. He is definately love at first sight.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tropic Reservoir Again

We love this place. We keep going back to do some more camping.

This is Cami and Cayson.

We found this really cool old tree. I love these pictures, I just wish we had some hairdos going on, but this is how we roll when we're camping.

This is my lovely hairdo. Just call me Pocahontas!

Daddy and Cayson loving the ride.

Maisie came and played at our house for a couple of weeks. She was so fun to have. The kids really love her.

It was also Cara's 2nd birthday while we were camping. All she wanted for her birthday, was a hat and some cake(and maybe a little dirt to go with it)
Grandpa is such a party animal and a good sport!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I just got back from a great 5th sunday lesson on Service. I had an AHA moment. Have you ever had one of those. When you feel the spirit and just cannnot wait to share what you have learned with everyone you know. I figure if it was an AHA moment for me, then it will most likely help someone else too.

The member of our Stake Presidency said that sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the amount of service that we are expected to give. He said in simpler terms, that we should first serve our spouse, then our children, then our home and visiting teaching families, and then our callings. Finally, after all of these things are done, we can look to lend a helping hand elsewhere. It is not necessarily about the size of your green jello salad or the creativity of your last New Beginnings. It is about serving someone daily.

He counseled us to pray every day and ask. "Please help me to serve whom I need to Today!" He promised that if we would ask sincerely every day, that He would present us with opportunities to serve those people that need us and our skills most that day. That doesn't seem to bad does it. It surely lightens the load of overwhelming service and reminds us of the important things in life. I think that we love most whom we serve most, and also that we are the happiest when we are serving others. Just think how happy we would all be if we could be his tool to serve whom he needed us to serve the most every day. Let's do it!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big, Huge Bucks!!!

We went to Tropic Reservoir for our Family Reunion this year. We saw some of the biggest deer ever!!! I had to post these pictures for Scott. He has been telling big stories about these huge bucks and needed proof to back up his tale. I will post on the rest of the reunion when I get more time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Up in the Night

I am up in the middle of the night. I have so much on my mind that I cannot sleep. Have you ever had that problem? I think I am having a I miss Cassadee moment. I keep thinking about her alot lately.

Here are some of my favorite things about her that I miss!

I miss going and playing with her on her Make a Wish Playground! She was so excited to get her very own curly slide.

I miss going camping with her. She was always so excited to do anything fun and away from the hospital.

I miss her strength and her constant reminder to choose the right. I was always amazed by her inner strength. She wouldn't move a muscle everytime they poked her with an IV. She always wanted to continue the fight. She gently reminded us of what was most important. She would tell me every time that we passed the temple that she was going to get married there some day. Then she would turn to me and say Mom, have you been to the temple lately? It still amazes me the amount of people she influenced for good. I still have people come up to me and thank me for allowing her to be a part of their lives.

It was always a challenge to try and find things to do at the hospital to occupy our time. She was so happy this day. She found all of the great big hospital syringes in her room and went out in the hall and squirted all of her favorite nurses. If you look really close, you can see her IV hanging out of her arm. She is actually getting chemo right when she is squirting. Most of the other kids were sick in bed during their chemo infusion, but not Cassadee!

I miss her people skills. This is during our trip to Disneyland. She went around and made all 42 people on our trip feel special. She let them know she was happy that they were there with her. I was always amazed at how many kids called to play with her. I can't tell you how many times I had to tell them that I was sorry, but she was too sick to play today.

Even though this picture makes me really sad, I like to look at it for a lot of reasons. I like this picture because it makes me remember how sick she really was. Even though she didn't act as sick as she should have, I know she was miserable a lot of the time. She had to endure more yucky stuff than anyone should be allowed. I can remember what we were thinking this day and the sadness in our eyes. I knew we were going to miss her alot, but I also knew that she was supposed to go and that she would be in a better place. I love that even in a coma, she is clutching onto her rose to give to Jesus when she meets him. I often wonder what that meeting was like. She was most excited for that moment. We talked about it often. I have to think that they are pretty good friends. I miss you Cassadee!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Just gettin' some ZZZZ's

Cami has always had a hard time sleeping in her own bed. She would rather be anywhere else. She can often be found on her floor or in the recliner. She also has to have a snack in bed. Never fail, every night I will tuck her in, and she will say, "Mommy, can you bring me something?" Then I get to guess what mysterious food she would like tonight. This night was especially funny because she had to wear her lifejacket to bed also. She keeps us laughing and we love it. Sweet Dreams!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thumb Sucker

Cayson is officially a thumb sucker. I think it is so cute. He is also a very good baby who easily comforts himself. I love it right now, but I know I will be hating it when he is 10. Like mother like son right!